Moving and Relocating: How to Help Your Child Cope

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Every move, no matter how big or small is stressful. And if moving is stressful for adults, imagine how stressful the event can be for little ones. This is especially true for military families who often have no choice regarding if they move, when they move, or where they move to. Click here for tips that can assist military families in helping their child cope with moving and relocating.

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Temporary Database Shutdown

September 10, 2019

Starting on September 10th, 2019, Soldiers’ Angels will be transitioning to a new database. The database is where we store the registration information for all who we support as well as all volunteers. This includes service members, veterans, military families, and all Angel volunteers. During this transition, we will be unable to create a new account in our database OR edit an existing account. We are anticipating that this transition will take anywhere from one week to two weeks.

If you are a service member, veteran, or military family looking to register for support, please do not let this transition discourage you from registering with Soldiers' Angels! We have created a form for you to fill out your basic contact information. Once our new database is up and running, a Soldiers’ Angels representative will contact you to create your complete profile and get you the support you need! Please fill out this form and select the type of support you are looking for from the first question.

If you are interested in volunteering with Soldiers' Angels on any of our virtual teams or at a VA, we ask that you please complete the same form and select "Volunteer: Team Angel" for those interested in supporting virtual teams or "Volunteer: Angel" for those interested in any other volunteer opportunities. A Soldiers' Angels representative will contact you to create your complete volunteer profile as soon as our new database is up and running. 

Thank you all for your patience and support during this transition! We will be sure to keep you all updated on the progress of the new database.

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Help Ship Coffee!

Twice per year, Books-A-Million and their customers show their support for our troops and veterans through their Coffee for the Troops campaign. Through this program, customers can purchase a bag of Joe Muggs coffee and write a nice "Thank You!" on the bag of coffee. Books-A-Million corporate also contributes 1 bag of coffee for every 5 bags donated by their customers. This year, their campaign collected a record-breaking amount of coffee--- over 100,000 bags!! We have already begun the process of shipping some of this delicious coffee to our troops overseas but could use your help to cover the cost of shipping even more coffee care packages to our deployed. Donate now and give them the gift of fresh-brewed coffee!!

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Sending Little Bits of Love

Our Sewing and Crafting Team has many dedicated Angels who donate their time and talents to show support and help comfort service members, wounded heroes, veterans, and their families. They make scarves, quilts, hats, “No-Sew Blankets”, lap blankets, baby bundlings, chemo caps and other handcrafted items that are distributed to active duty service members, expectant military families, and in VA hospitals around the country. Learn more about Ann, who is one of those talented Angel volunteers. Her incredible hand-made American flag blankets have become a source of comfort for many that we support.

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Summer Activities for Kids

The summer months can be the most challenging for parents. If you don’t have summer camps or activities lined up, you’ve got to get really creative when it comes to finding ways to entertain your little ones (without losing your mind). This is a great opportunity to engage children in volunteer activities and teach them the importance of giving back. Here are some great volunteer activities you can do with your children this summer break!

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Three New Soldiers' Angels Veteran Support Programs

Since the inception of our Veteran Support Program, Soldiers' Angels has been working with VA staff and the veteran populations we serve to determine where needs exist and where Soldiers’ Angels can meet those needs. Over the years we have had a lot of success with our current list of Veteran Support initiatives, but based on need, we found three more areas that could use our support. Learn about the three new areas of support in the Soldiers' Angels Veteran Support Program

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PTSD: 101

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can happen to anyone— no matter your age, ethnicity, gender, or culture. It occurs when someone has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Many of our service members develop PTSD after witnessing and/or experiencing combat. Despite many years of research surrounding the disorder, there are still plenty of misconceptions and many people who go undiagnosed. Here are some things you should know about PTSD.


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Blanket Drive

Blankets are more than a sense of warmth. They are a form of comfort when you’re sick, feeling down, or just need something to curl up with to relax. Think how much warmth and comfort your favorite blanket provides for you when you are cold or lonely. We want to gift that same feeling to veterans in VA Hospitals as well as wounded service members being treated in various facilities. Our annual Blanket Drive has officially begun and will continue through August 31st. Please help us reach our goal of collecting 2,000 blankets for service members and veterans! Learn more about the Soldiers' Angels Blanket Drive here.

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How to Have a Stress-Free Move When Reassigned

Reassignment can be hard on the family. We leave behind friends, schools, and the lives we had begun to create for ourselves. However, there are ways we can ease the transition, and make the move itself as smooth as possible with a bit of planning. Do you have an upcoming reassignment? Check out some of these great moving tips from guest blogger, Amanda Henderson.

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Making Paracord Bracelets for Troops

You know those really thick braided bracelets you see a lot of military, hikers, survivalists, and first responders wearing? As cool as they look, they are not a fashion statement. They’re called paracord bracelets and are a very necessary survival item. Paracord bracelets actually started as a way for service members and first responders to carry extra cord in a lightweight, compact manner-- and the service members we support love to receive these useful bracelets in care packages! Learn more about how you and your team can make paracord bracelets and get them to our service members.

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How to Start a VA Representative Site in Your City

Our Veteran Support Program has grown quickly over the last few years and that growth shows no sign of slowing down! Soldiers’ Angels currently works in over 30 VA Hospitals across the country, providing volunteer support, doing patient visits, giving out supplies like box lunches and hygiene kits, and organizing luncheons and other group activities. At each VA site, the team on the ground is completely volunteer-based!! We receive a lot of questions regarding starting a Veteran Support team in a city where we currently are not located-- so we put down some tips to getting started! Click here to learn how you can start a Soldiers' Angels Veteran Support Team near you.

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Why Don't They Write Back?

One of our oldest and most popular virtual teams is our Letter Writing Team. Each year our Letter Writing Angels send hundreds of thousands of letters to deployed service members around the world. Many of our Angels connect with the service members they support and form a fruitful penpal relationship throughout the service members deployment and beyond. But it is also quite common for our Angels to experience what they have termed as "Silent Service Members," or service members that don't respond to letters. Although it can be discouraging not to receive a response, we encourage our Angels to continue to write. Here's why service members may not have the chance to write back.